Don't Pay for Airport Parking, Get Paid with HitchaCar

See how much you can EARN on your next trip out of Austin!

How It Works

HitchaCar’s simple and convenient exchange process makes it easy for everyone to rent or share their vehicles!


Navigate to our list page,
enter car details and upload
pictures before your trip

On the day of your flight,
park at any airport parking lot,
lock keys in provided lockbox,
and take lot shuttle to your terminal

Once you return,
head back to the lot
where you originally left
your car, hop in, and head home


Browse through our listings,
find a car that meets your needs,
and reserve your perfect car

After arriving to the airport,
hop on parking lot shuttle,
find vehicle, unlock, and enjoy 
your ride!

On the last day of your booking,
head to parking lot where you
picked up the car, hop on shuttle,
and head to your terminal  


Now available in our first city, Austin,

at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport!

Hours of Operation

Monday - Sunday: Open 24 Hours
Whenever you need us!

Austin Bergstrom International Airport

3600 Presidential Blvd, Austin, TX 78719
Phone: (512)-387-4822

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